Revolutionizing fresh produce: Discover how Nabaco’s NatuWrap increases freshness, reduces waste and more

Nabaco®, a robust startup committed to reducing food waste and food insecurity, has created a revolutionary fresh produce coating technology, NatuWrap®, that excels beyond other existing coating technologies. This discovery lengthens produce longevity; increases grower, packer and retailer profitability; reduces waste; and improves fresh food availability around the world. The science behind Nabaco, which led […]

Todd-Bits with Dr. Gary Beall of Nabaco Inc.

Nabaco leans into reducing greenhouse gases by preventing food from ending up in landfills, increasing consumption by increasing go-to-market windows, and extending the shelf life of many produce items. They recognize the universal problems of greenhouse gases, food insecurity, and food waste. They work to solve them with Natuwrap, an intriguing clay, and polymer, OMRI-approved coating. Natuwrap coated produce doesn’t have a recognizable change to its look, feel, or taste.

Natuwrap – Longer Lasting Fruit Is Just the Cherry on Top

Preservation of produce requires genius innovation to slow down the natural ripening process to keep it fresher for longer. Now, this in turn stops the outpour and waste of money that’s all too common in the produce industry and also makes sure that customers are getting the highest quality fruit and vegetables out there. NatuWrap was designed to extend the freshness of produce, helping to improve produce grading and longevity through the harvest, packing, shipping, and eventually the retail process.

Nabaco Sponsors Rice Business Plan Competition

Rice University’s internationally-recognized initiative devoted to the support of entrepreneurship, and Rice Business, the Rice Business Plan Competition offers an educational program mirroring real-world experience through this multi-day event for student startups from across the world. RBPC Alumni Network Cash Prize, Sponsored by Nabaco.

Nabaco unveils “lower cost, greener” edible coating

A new player has entered the fast-growing edible coatings market. US start-up Nabaco has developed a coating using nanotechnology that it claims provides a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of extending the shelf-life of fresh produce across the supply chain.

Texas State Students Compete for $50,000 Grand Prize in Dubai

Accompanying the Texas State teams to Dubai is Dr. Gary Beall, associate director of the Materials Science, Engineering and Commercialization Program (MSEC). Ricardo Ramirez and Alex McGraw will represent Kosmik Energy team, while Dr. Michael Opoku and Carlos Corona are team NABACO. Each team consists of a graduate student and an undergraduate.

Texas State Innovation Lab – Nabaco

Texas State students, faculty, professors, and alumni gathered at The W Hotel to share their technology, ideas, and products currently being generated by students called the Texas State University Innovation Lab and Reception. The evening was filled with Bobcats roaming one of the ballrooms at the W looking at each other’s projects. I had the opportunity to meet with MBA candidates who are partnering with the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) for a brand new company called Nabaco.