Breakthrough Science and Ag Experience Combine to Protect Fruit and Profits

Nabaco was formed by a team of multidisciplinary scientists, business and ag industry veterans. Since the beginning, grower success has been our top priority.

Our science team brings the discovery of self-assembling natural clays into safe and thin protective barriers, a revolutionary processing aid that offers tremendous advantages for fruit growers.

Partnered with our deep roots in the produce industry, we also understand the unique and varied needs of fruit growers and packers.

This combination of backgrounds and strengths has enabled us to develop NatuWrap, a product that is simple, easy to apply, extremely effective and cost competitive without any of the negative consumer ramifications of competitive technologies.

Protecting Fruit Around the World

Meet Our Team

Jamie Strachan

Jamie has been a leading ag industry executive for over 20 years. He was CEO of Green Giant Fresh and Founder and Chairman of the Leafy Greens Marketing Association. Always at the forefront of food safety, tech and ag, he has also held leadership roles at Foodlink and Vegetable Growers Supply.

Dr. Gary Beall
CTO, Co-Founder

Dr. Beall obtained his PhD in physical chemistry from Baylor University. For the past 22+ years, he has been the Regents’ Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Texas State University, where he led the team that made the discoveries that make NatuWrap possible.

Craig Stephen
Board of Directors

Jason Preston
Board of Directors