Naturally Good for Protecting Fruit and the Environment

NatuWrap® avoids the use of toxic chemicals, gases, additives, emulsifiers, synthetic esterification processes, and plant growth regulators. This ensures that adding NatuWrap® to fresh food processes doesn’t alter the taste, texture, or smell of the final fruit or interfere with its natural senescence or ripening before, during, or after storage. NatuWrap® keeps your fruit fresh as if it were just picked! 

Adding NatuWrap® to your process reduces the need for single-use plastics and harmful chemicals and requires less thermal energy, water, cleaning solutions and solid materials compared to other post-harvest technologies.


Food waste contributes to 8% of greenhouses gases. Food scarcity and access to fresh fruits and vegetables are other areas where we can make a difference together.

The NatuWrap® dosage rate is just 1 kg per 3 truckloads of finished fruit. The final products are shipped as concentrated powders, rather than in pre-mixed barrels, significantly reducing our carbon footprint. 

Our raw materials, sourced from the US, are food-grade, renewable, biodegradable, compostable, and do not contribute to deforestation or rely on animal-derived sources. 

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