Preserving fruit the way nature intended.

Protecting grower profitability and sustainability, NatuWrap® by Nabaco® is a safe, naturally-derived, edible barrier technology that extends the shelf life of fresh fruit.

Reducing food loss has never been so simple—and economical.

Relying on a revolutionary combination of natural elements and clay nanoparticles, NatuWrap® is easily implemented into existing processes and production lines, requiring no special equipment, additional staff, or ongoing management.

Returns to the farm and to the planet.

OMRI-approved and wax-free with zero carbon footprint, NatuWrap® keeps fruit fresh longer, reducing food waste and greenhouse gases, while adding value and reducing costs from the farm to retail and beyond.

Found in nature, developed through science, proven throughout the supply chain.

Derived from natural clay nanoparticles, NatuWrap® is clean, clear, and one-tenth the thickness of traditional petroleum-based coatings, yet forms a functional molecular barrier that delivers highly-targeted effectiveness.

Science and technology you can implement today, by produce pros you’ve known for decades.

Growers—and their success—are the top priority at Nabaco®. With leading scientists and deep roots in the produce industry, we are dedicated to delivering sustainable, cost-efficient solutions that are simple to deploy and maintain. We collaborate to develop trusting partnerships that create value and alleviate the burdens on fresh supply chains.