Preserving fruit the way nature intended.

NatuWrap® by Nabaco® offers organic, all-natural, post-harvest processing aids and co-adjuvant solutions. Our innovative solutions improve yields and storage quality of fresh fruits and vegetables, safeguarding both profitability and environmental sustainability.  

Reducing food loss has never been so simple—and economical.

NatuWrap® water-soluble powder effortlessly integrates into existing processes and production lines. Whether it’s dip tanks, drenchers, wash lines, spray bars, or cooling tubes, NatuWrap® requires no specialized equipment or constant supervision. Eliminate costly heating, line maintenance, and cleaning.

Returns to the farm and to the planet.

Less repack, higher yields, more consistent quality, and better arrivals mean more sustainable farming and businesses. Fresher fruit and less waste means lower burden on valuable environmental resources and reduced GHGs per pound of fresh, healthy, whole food consumed!

Found in nature, developed through science, proven throughout the supply chain.

The NatuWrap® patented deep-tech barrier assembly process does the heavy lifting and delivers targeted, adjustable results so you can quickly adapt to changing crop conditions and customer objectives. NatuWrap® is an all in one solution. From delaying color and pressure loss, to mitigating scald, scuff, bruising, and pitting, in addition to minimizing moisture loss and decay, NatuWrap® ensures customizable, dependable and all-natural protection for your produce. 

Science and technology you can implement today, by produce pros you’ve known for decades.

Growers—and their success—are the top priority at Nabaco®. With leading scientists and deep roots in the produce industry, we are dedicated to delivering sustainable, cost-efficient solutions that are simple to deploy and maintain. We collaborate to develop trusting partnerships that create value and alleviate the burdens on fresh supply chains.