Frequently Asked Questions

How does NatuWrap work?

Based on a discovery at Texas State University, NatuWrap technology utilizes a patent-pending process of self-assembly to form highly-ordered molecular structures that can instantly adhere to the surfaces of fruits and vegetables or any other target substrate. These structures can be engineered to provide a varying gas barrier, moisture barrier, shine and viscosity targets in crop-specific formulations based on the objectives of the customer and the industry.

What crops can NatuWrap be used on?

Exploratory work has been done on many categories including tropicals, citrus, stone fruits, mushrooms and more, but current research and productization is focused on pomme fruits, particularly pears, apples and cherries.

How is NatuWrap applied?

Nabaco’s years of experience in engineering and packhouse management led to the development of a simple, proprietary mixing system to blend our concentrated powders with water at the point of customer application, thereby eliminating the need for barrel management. Once mixed with water, NatuWrap works through traditional spray bar, shower and drencher delivery systems.

What is in NatuWrap?

NatuWrap products are made by combining all-natural ingredients without the use of any toxic chemicals. NatuWrap science is centered around natural clays and natural polymers, principally derived from the earth and trees.

How is NatuWrap different than wax or other coatings?

It is natural and can be used on organics, it’s highly efficient (1-2 microns thick) so barely noticeable, clear, colorless, tasteless and water soluble with no messy residue. There are no toxic or carcinogenic emulsifiers such as 1-4 dioxane or morpholine, or solvent extraction like hexane or esterification utilizing alcohols, which are present in all wax coatings. We also don’t depend on insects or other animals to produce our coatings. All other coatings and waxes depend on thickness for effect, which translates to higher costs and/or less functionality.

Can NatuWrap be washed off?

Water soluble, not only can our coatings be easily removed by rinsing fruit at home under tap water, they leave no sticky residue on processing lines and equipment.

Are NatuWrap products compatible with other sanitizers or crop protection?

Yes, our products have time-release capabilities and limit encapsulation of chemicals, making NatuWrap an excellent, one-product carrier for your other additives. This also makes fungicides and other products more bio-available.

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