Frequently Asked Questions

How does NatuWrap® work?

Based on a discovery at Texas State University, the NatuWrap® technology utilizes a patented process of self-assembly to form highly ordered structures that can instantly adhere to the surfaces of fruits and vegetables or any other target substrate. These structures can be customized to provide gas barriers, moisture barriers, shine and viscosity targets in crop-specific formulations based on the objectives of customers and the industry.

What crops can NatuWrap® be used on?

Research has been completed on most fruit and vegetable categories and varieties in multiple geographies throughout the world. Current commercial products are formulated for citrus, stone fruits and pome fruits, with avocados, tropicals, berries, and hot house products anticipated by Q4/2024. Based on our advanced productization and AI integrated stage gate process, experienced team, network of leading physiologists around the world, and scalable supply chain, typical time on product market fit and formulation for a new category, including commercialization, is only a few months.

How is NatuWrap® applied?

Nabaco’s years of experience in engineering and packhouse management led to the development of a simple, proprietary mixing system to blend our concentrated powders with water, thereby eliminating the need for barrel management. Once mixed with water, NatuWrap® works through traditional spray bars, dip tanks, cooling tubes, process lines, and drencher delivery systems. Wherever there is water, NatuWrap® can be included as a processing aid!

What is in NatuWrap®?

NatuWrap® ingredients are all-natural and derived from plants, trees, and soil. NatuWrap® is a dry powder that is added to water for use as a processing aid.

How is NatuWrap® different than wax or other post-harvest technologies?

Farmers need new, natural, and organic tools to displace or mitigate the use of inefficient and outdated technologies, like waxes, resins, single-use plastics, and synthetic bio-regulators. NatuWrap® does not use toxic chemicals, gases, additives, emulsifiers, synthetic esterification processes, or plant growth regulators. This ensures that adding NatuWrap® to fresh food processes doesn’t alter the taste, texture, or smell of the final fruit. NatuWrap® doesn’t interfere with the natural senescence or ripening before during, or after storage. Our raw materials, sourced from the US, are food-grade, renewable, biodegradable, compostable, and do not contribute to deforestation or rely on animal-derived sources.

NatuWrap® keeps your fruit fresh, the way nature intended!

Can NatuWrap® be washed off?

One of the best features of NatuWrap® is that any accumulated residues from normal farming or processing aren’t trapped on the fruit by a permanent resin or wax. NatuWrap® forms a washable, removable barrier, allowing the consumer to wash everything off, leaving behind only pure, fresh, and natural fruit!