Not Another Wax

Wax and other post-harvest technologies rely on a thick physical barrier that creates application challenges for processors, and a negative experience for consumers.

NatuWrap achieves far greater performance by forming a thin, highly-ordered structure that delivers the right level of permeability for gas and moisture.

Scientific Breakthrough

Formulated by a team of material scientists led by Dr. Gary Beall, this all-natural innovation is self-assembling and creates a single ultra-thin layer, which would typically require 30-50 layers. It accomplishes this through nature’s self-ordering process in an aqueous solution, without relying on harsh chemicals or causing environmental impacts.

By varying the mixture of clays, we have developed crop-specific formulas that allow us to set the rate of gas and moisture transfer for optimal protection, ripening and shelf life.

Any residues, including pesticides and fungicides, aren’t trapped on the fruit. They can be easily removed through simple rinsing, leaving behind only pure, fresh, natural fruit.

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