Natuwrap – Longer Lasting Fruit Is Just the Cherry on Top

Preservation of produce requires genius innovation to slow down the natural ripening process to keep it fresher for longer. Now, this in turn stops the outpour and waste of money that’s all too common in the produce industry and also makes sure that customers are getting the highest quality fruit and vegetables out there. NatuWrap was designed to extend the freshness of produce, helping to improve produce grading and longevity through the harvest, packing, shipping, and eventually the retail process.

Now, this effectively saves billions of dollars currently being lost each year in the produce market. NatuWrap is an edible coating that is unique when compared to any other fruit and vegetable coating designed for shelf life extension. Other coatings on the market generally only make the peel a bit thicker, offering little protection, if you can call it that. NatuWrap, on the other hand, is a thinner coating that essentially forms a brick wall that stops water loss and keeps oxygen and mold from seeping into the produce.

Compared to other solutions on the market, it’s 50 times more efficient. It’s also the only self-assembling nanoclay composite out there, making it truly one of a kind. NatuWrap meets USA FDA requirements for safe human consumption and is registered for use on organic produce. The components that make up this amazing product are edible, colorless, and flavorless, very different from other chemical preservative-filled coatings, typically used in the produce industry. NatuWrap integrates easily into any existing process without needing to reinvent the wheel.

And this is due in large part, to the relative simplicity of application. It’s a straightforward dipping or spray-on method that uses standard off-the-shelf equipment. Start using NatuWrap on your produce to improve the quality and profitability.

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