Texas State Innovation Lab – Nabaco

On Sunday, March 11th Texas State students, faculty, professors, and alumni gathered at The W Hotel to share their technology, ideas, and products currently being generated by students called the Texas State University Innovation Lab and Reception. The evening was filled with Bobcats roaming one of the ballrooms at the W looking at each other’s projects. I had the opportunity to meet with MBA candidates who are partnering with the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) for a brand new company called NABACO. NABACO has a patent-pending, non-toxic spray called Natuwrap (which was created by the CSE) designed to extend the life of produce by three times its normal expectancy. The spray goes directly on your fruits and vegetables and creates a barrier surrounding the produce to help it last longer. I instantly thought of my love/hate relationship with berries and how this could be a game changer when buying those fast molding fruits. See my conversation with Connor Brantley, MBA candidate, on NABACO’s Natuwrap.

Originally published at https://sxtxstate.com.