Todd-Bits with Dr. Gary Beall of Nabaco Inc.

If you grow, pack, or sell cherries, melons, grapes, pears, apples, plantains, avocados, citrus, mushrooms, and more, listen up! Natuwrap by Nabaco has to get on your radar.

Nabaco leans into reducing greenhouse gases by preventing food from ending up in landfills, increasing consumption by increasing go-to-market windows, and extending the shelf life of many produce items. They recognize the universal problems of greenhouse gases, food insecurity, and food waste. They work to solve them with Natuwrap, an intriguing clay, and polymer, OMRI-approved coating. Natuwrap coated produce doesn’t have a recognizable change to its look, feel, or taste.

What’s up next for Nabaco? Recyclable paper packaging to replace plastics, oh my!

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